An Integrated Elearning Tool Will Allow You To Customize A Presentation Through Survey

Integrated Elearning Tool

You can customize your online presentation according to your need and wish using the best elearning tool. Just make sure that you pair with a reliable webinar service provider that has easy to use and integrated features and tools. This will provide you with the opportunity to gather and know the attendee demographics, the contents, to gauge the performance of the attendees as well as the webinar presenter and the best technology. You can make any custom questions for the participants following the intuitive and explicit step by step guide. Conduct a survey to get started and reach to your desired destination.

The First Step

Specific steps must be followed to customize your webinar programs and events. Ideally, the entire process involves six basic steps namely, invitation, registration, survey, preview, and finish in that specific order. To start with you will need to provide the basic information during the webinar invitation. During this process you will have to create the attendee registration form. You will also need to create a survey for the webinar audience when you get the prompt. This survey is a very important tool and involves a header textat the top which is much more like an introduction.

The Standard And Custom Fields

The common fields of survey include address, rating scale of the presentation and the marketing information. Apart from that it also includes a few custom fields that will allow you to incorporate your own questions to the survey. Such customization will also offer you with an option to score questions just like a test.The footer text at the bottom of the survey serves as the portion for thanking your attendees for their attendance. There may be a few additional options such as Webinar cloud recording, receiving email notifications when one fills up the survey and links for attendees so that they can visit when the survey is completed.

Preview The Survey

When you finish customization of your survey you will now need to preview it and find whether it is good to go. When you are satisfied with it simply click the “Finish” button to integrate it in your webinar tool. At this juncture, you must keep in mind that you must take the webinar attendees to the survey immediately after the webinar. However, few best free video webinar tool will provide an additional option of sending the survey link manually to the attendees individually just like a follow-up email.

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