7 Best Ways to Eat Maggi Noodles

Maggi Noodles

Maggi- the magic word for those who don’t know to cook, who are in the hostel, and who are traveling a long distance and want something tasty in between; in short, for all. From decades, Maggi is one of the best friends of all Indians who love noodles. After a tiring day, when you find your refrigerator empty and don’t have the energy to prepare something for you, this is the food item that can save you. You are in hurry and you have to prepare something healthy for your kid, Maggi is the saviour. If you get bored with the simple two-minute recipe, you can make Maggi interesting. Here are few ways to have Maggi in tasty ways. Read on to know more-

  1. Egg Maggi

This is one of the most common forms of Maggi that is loved by eight to eighties. You can prepare it in various ways. Try a sunny side up on the plate of Maggi or break one or two egg into the Maggi while preparing it; Egg Maggi will taste awesome.

  1. Masala Maggi

If you love spicy foods, this will make you happy. You will find the Maggi masala inside the packet. To make your Maggi spicier, you can add two sachets of spices into it. When everything seems tasteless after fever, a plate of hot masala Maggi can bring back your mood.

  1. Cheese and Corn Maggi

Maggi is already so tasty; when you add cheese and corn it will become tastier. Kids love cheese and it is also healthy for them. So, if you are arranging a party for your child and her friends, you can add this variation of Maggi as one of the main menus.

  1. Maggi Burger

Have you ever imagined of preparing it? Yes, with instant noodles you can make it and serve as the starter for your house party. The short burger shots of Maggi will taste awesome and you will be honoured as ‘Creative Chef’ among your friends. Try it!

  1. Maggi Sandwich

This is really healthy. With all the goodness of bread and noodles, it also comes with veggies and egg. Kids love fusion and variation. Instead of getting tensed while packing their lunch, let your imagination fly and prepare Maggi Sandwich for them. They will definitely return with an empty lunch box.

  1. Lemon Maggi

How about adding some South Indian touch to your regular Maggi? Preparing lemon Maggi is really easy and you are going to love it. For a healthy evening snack, you can try this out.

  1. Maggi in Pesto Sauce

If you love to go creative and prepare something unique with the regular ingredient, try this recipe. For low-calorie carb diet, this is an amazing solution. If you are on the mission of losing weight, you should have heavy breakfast. Try this version of Maggi and see the result.

These are the easy methods of preparing Maggi at home. Maggi is one of those foods which are loved by all. Try any of these and enjoy your bowl.

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