5 Ways to Watch Live TV on Windows 8

Watch Live TV on Windows 8

One outstanding app that is known to play a crucial role as far as viewing TV Live on Windows 8 is concerned is none other than the TVCatchup app. This app is known to be of predominant importance particularly in the UK market. Moreover, this app is known to enjoy an extensive user base across a good number of mobile platforms. Inspite of encountering certain legal obstacles in the initial period of its launch, this app has come to be accepted with open arms in the recent days. Moreover, you can easily become a proud owner of this app without even having to do away with a single penny. This app is also known to be available as a plugin on XBMC.

Omniverse TV:

Yet another app that is known to make way for you as far as watching Live TV on Windows 8 is concerned is without doubt the Omniverse TV app. This app is known to be introduced by Film On TV Inc. On an overall level, the Omniverse TV app is known to offer you complete liberty as far as selecting channels from an array of alternatives is concerned. With this app you can easily get your hands on channels from the US, Europe, Latin America and even Asia for that matter. The best part about Omniverse TV app is its absolutely user friendly interface.

Zenga TV:

Discussions on effective and performance oriented apps as far as watching Live TV on Windows 8 is concerned is sure to lead us to nothing, but the Zenga TV app. You don’t have to worry about the affordability parameter as far as this app goes, since it is known to be available in the market completely free of cost. One distinct characteristic associated with Zenga TV is its ability to help its users to watch Live TV on both Indian as well as International platforms. However, the center of focus with regards to this app is undoubtedly Indian and Asian content.

Live TV:

Next up in the category of one of its kind apps, which can assist you to view Live TV on Windows 8 is the Live TV app. With this particular app you can easily enjoy complete access to a mix of different channels. Essentially, the Live TV app is known to make available channels from countries such as UK, Germany, France and Italy among others. Apart from this, an additional advantage known to be attached with this app is its ability to allow its users to get their hands on custom channels as well. With this app, you can enjoy SD streams totally free of cost, but would be required to part away with a subscription fee in order to view HD streams in particular.

Sole Channel Apps:

Apart from the above mentioned broad apps, which assist in watching Live TV on Windows 8, there are a number of other apps that are directed to individual channel viewing in particular. First up is the Sky News app, the basic role of which is to make available live feed from the Sky News television channel. Next up is the France 24-MCD-RFI AP, which is known to bring to the table a good deal of international news. Yet another similar app is the RT on Air app, which tends to offer real time updates from RT America, RT Global, RT Arabic and even RT Spanish for that matter.

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