5 Romantic Ideas to Make your Marriage Anniversary Special

Marriage Anniversary Special

The first few years of a marriage pass by quickly because everything is new for the newly-wed couple. It’s after these initial years, when all the excitement has subsided, that the most important part of the couple’s life begins. They are tested by time, and both the husband and the wife have to keep making efforts to keep the spark of love alive. One of the best occasions to do that is the marriage anniversary. It is a day which celebrates the couple’s togetherness and the love that they share. Marriage anniversaries are a reminder of how many years a couple has been together, a fact that needs to be appreciated and celebrated. If you are looking for new and romantic ideas to celebrate your marriage anniversary, here are some:

  1. A Date

This is the most simple and romantic way to celebrate your marriage anniversary. Take your partner out on a date in a restaurant with nice ambience and romantic music. If you want to make it even more traditional and simplistic, then go for a candle-light dinner. Order a marriage anniversary cake, wine, and make the date intimate in the company of each other. When you go home later that evening/night, you will both be glad for the date.

  1. Write a Love Letter

Make the date even more intimate and romantic by writing a love letter to your partner. Remember all the good times that you have had with your partner, or how your partner helped you endure and get through the tough times of your life, and say a thank you. Many may find it boring but acknowledging and saying ‘thank you’ for all the effort someone has put in for you, makes a person feel special. Besides the thank you, tell your partner how much you love him/her, and see their smile get wide!

  1. Go for a Photo-shoot

The last time you have had a photo-shoot done by a professional photographer was on your big day when you two got married. Agreed that you have hundreds of photos from that day, but should that stop you from doing it again? Absolutely not! Getting a professional photo-shoot done is another way to celebrate your marriage anniversary. And if you do it every year, you can see in photos how you two have grown together. You can look and browse through the photos anytime you like, to relive those blissful times.

  1. Throw a Wedding Party

If you really want to take it to the next level, then get married all over again! Organize a reception, call the priest, call all your friends and family, and have the wedding again. Revisiting and reliving your wedding day is definitely one of the most romantic ways to celebrate the marriage anniversary.

  1. Go on a Small Vacation

If you are not too rigid about celebrating it on the day of the anniversary, take an off or two, and go on a small vacation somewhere. To make it exciting for both of you, go to some place where neither you nor your partner has been to, and spend quality time with each other. Indulge in the local cuisines, visit new places, or simply relax in your hotel.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate, what is important is that the two of you are together on the day, and celebrate to make the day special for each other. A marriage binds the man and wife for eternity, and this sacred bond is worth celebrating every year.

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