10 Sure-Fire Ways Technology Can Take Your Productivity to New Heights In 2018

Fire Ways Technology

Technology landscape is evolving with each passing day. As a business, this can be an opportunity or a threat depending on how you deal with it. Neglecting technology or failing to adapt according to the technological change will burn down your business to ashes. On the other hand, if you harness the power of technology and put it to good use, you can reap rich rewards in terms of productivity and monetary gains. Here are 10 effective ways technology can take your productivity to next level, which can speed up your business growth.

1. Select the Right Technology

The first thing you need to do is to conduct a quick analysis of your workday. Identify the productivity slumps during the day. What factors are hampering your productivity? Assess your needs and find a right technology solution that is designed to solve that particular productivity problem. Choosing a wrong technology solution will do more harm than good to your productivity. When you have the right tools at your disposal and you know how to use them effectively, you can easily do more with fewer resources.

2. Set SMART Goals

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.”—Tony Robbins

Your boss tells you that you need to be more productive. Would it make your more productive? No, right. What if your boss tells you that you need to complete 5 tasks by tomorrow? Will it make any difference? Yes, right. That is why setting SMART goals is critical. What are SMART goals? SMART stands for Smart Measureable Attainable, Relevant and Time bound. The goals you set needs to fulfill these five criteria and technology can help you set SMART goals. With all the data at your disposal, you can set specific, measurable and timely goals.

3. Automate, Automate and Automate

My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.”—Francine Jay

Artificial Intelligence and automation has made an impression on every industry you can think of. Today, you can find tools to automate everything. Whether it is scheduling tasks, responding to customer queries or bill payments, you can easily digitalize many business processes and save yourself a lot of time and hassle.When you automate repeated tasks, you can easily focus on more value driven activities in a better way.

4. Take Advantage of Task Management Tools

Project management software, task management tool, productivity management software, whatever you might call it, they all serve the same purpose which is to make you more efficient productive. These software packs some very useful features that is geared towards making you more productive. It let you control everything from start to finish in an effective manner. With everything online and few clicks away, completing even the most complicated tasks will be less of a hassle for you resources. On the other hand, you can easily assign task, delegate responsibility, track progress and do much more with just a few clicks.

5. Track Your Time

It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”—Steve Jobs

If you agree with Steve Jobs then, you must value every minute of your day. More importantly, make sure that you spend every minute of you day on activities that delivers some sort of value. Avoid wasting time on useless stuff because that is what stopping you from being more productive. For that, you must track your time. You can easily find digital tools that can help you with that. These tools provide insights after analyzing your work pattern that helps you to eliminate useless activities from your workday thus, making you more productive.

6. Manage Everything in One Place

Why do people hate cluttered websites? The reason is that it makes it difficult and takes longer to find information. The same holds true for a cluttered desk. That is the reason why we always hear advice like “De-clutter your desk” because it works when it comes to enhancing your productivity. When you have quick access to everything you need, you do not have to waste time looking for stuff. This paves the way for higher productivity. You can combine everything in one place with task management and project management software, which makes things a whole lot easier for your resources.

7. Communicate, Delegate and Collaborate

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.”—Steve Jobs

We do not work alone; we work in a team, right. In order to achieve your goals, you need to communicate delegate and collaborate in an effective way. Make sure that you team clearly understands your message and work together to achieve the common objective. That is where communication and collaboration tools comes into play and help you keep everyone on the same page. The better your team understands what you expect from them and cohesively work together, the higher will be your team productivity. As a manager, you can easily delegate tasks and define roles and responsibilities without any hassle, thanks to these digital tools.

8. Keep Distraction at Bay

Probably the biggest productivity killers at work are distractions. This includes everything that puts you off. It could be a noisy co-worker, smart-phone or emails. They can all add up and eats up a major chunk of your day. This is not limited to individual level but can also hamper overall team productivity especially when most of your employees are facing similar issues. Establish policies or restrict the use of gadgets to keep distractions at bay. You can also use tools that raise red flags as any of your resource surpasses the time allotted for social media use and browsing the web.

9. Create a To-Do List

Remember the To-Do list but don’t forget the To-Be list.”—Richard Branson

Although, this might seem obvious but very few people practice it on a regular basis. Creating a To-Do list can ensure that you never miss an important task again. More importantly, you can easily see how many tasks you have already completed and how many tasks are left. When you know your progress, you can make adjustments easily to meet your daily goals. This automatically makes you much more productive as compared to when you do not have a To-Do list.

10. Make Right Decisions

All your effort will be futile if you cannot track results. Even tracking results will not guarantee you success. You will have to dig deeper into the data and get useful insights that will help you take the right actions and make the right decisions to drive your business towards success. With business intelligence software at your disposal, you can easily do that and much more. In today’s competitive business world, these insights and analysis could prove to be a difference maker and separate successful businesses from unsuccessful ones. Base your decision on data and insights and you will never go wrong.

What do you think about the impact technology would make on your productivity? Will it help you to boost it or will it work the other way? Feel free to share your opinion with us in comments section below.


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